Shipping Container Modifications

With over 20 million ISO Shipping containers in circulation throughout the world today the shipping container is one of the most versatile utensils ever invented. Predominately used to transport goods and equipment across land & sea the possibilities of a correctly modified and engineered shipping container are limitless.

At Parratech we are industry specialists in engineered shipping container modifications. Our in-house team of designers, engineers and project managers are fully equipped to provide innovative, economical and reliable design solutions.

The Parratech Advantage
Dedicated design and project management team,Expertise in mechanical, electrical and structural engineering, Widespread shipping container modification for mining, industrial, retail and commercial markets



  •  Switch Room / Control Room
  •  Pumping Stations
  •  Generator Enclosure
  •  Training Facility
  •  Water Treatment Unit
  •  Mobile Workshop
  •  Merchandise Store
  •  Mobile Bar and Loung