Safety & Enviroment



As the regulatory environment evolves we are working to take a leadership approach in safety to go beyond compliance. The safety of our people and the communities in which we work is the foundation for the implementation of our safety motto: Safe Today Here Tomorrow Our team understands that every action has a risk and that every risk has to be controlled, so that we ensure our actions are in accordance with our commitment. Target ZERO – Safe Today Here Tomorrow, 

Parratech is fully committed to:
• An injury free workplace where
everybody goes home safe
• Continually striving to improve
accountability and performance
• Instilling a cultural mindset in the
company where safety




Protecting the environment is one of our core values and is central to the way we approach business. Our commitment to the environment is evident at all our projects and we adhere to strict environmental policies ensuring compliance with local environmental laws and regulations. Our environmental performance is a key component of our sustainability strategy of continuous improvement.

We are accredited to ISO 14001 and certified to AS/NZS 4801 environemntal management systems whereby we constantly challenge ourselves to innovate new ways to prevent pollution, reduce waste and conserve resources through efficient use of energy and materials. We believe environmental awareness can be turned into a tangible business benefit.

Greener business makes good financial sense…