About us

Our Mission
“To provide turnkey Engineering Solutions for the Power Generation, Industrial,Utilities and Data Centre markets. To uphold our unswerving commitment to ethical values, our attention to detail, our enthusiasm, that in turn, will ensure the best possible service to our clients is achieved. As these factors are maintained Parratech will continue to gain market share and experience financial prosperity”

Our Vision
“Our vision is to provide a level of service clients desire and competitors aspire to”

Our Values:

We are true to our word and a commitment to the highest ethical standards.

In every aspect of our business, only the best is acceptable – and the best can always be better.

We share a passion for excellence at every level. We are committed to achieving outstanding results through outstanding performance as individuals and as a company.

We earn and instil trust into ever department of our organisation and in all our interactions.

We seek a culture of continuous improvement in everything we do. Our staff shares a desire to make the world a better place through our actions, our decisions and our behaviour.